Us census population projections

Congress during the past decade, was million people more or less in In summarizing their findings, Steven Camarota concluded that:

Us census population projections

County Population Estimates

For these projections, the estimated population for each parish is projected forward in five-year intervals through The effects of hurricanes Katrina and Rita are taken into account. The projections are designed to present three population scenarios.

Rates of birth and death are based on vital statistics data from and are held constant between and across all three scenarios; however, each scenario depicts a different assumption regarding migration patterns by age, race, and sex.

In this scenario, the observed rate of migration between is assumed to remain constant through In this scenario, the rate of migration through is assumed to be one-half. In this scenario, the rate of migration through is assumed to be one and one-half 1.

I. Overview

Based on long term trends derived from comparisons of the and U. Census, state-level population projections produced by the U.

Census Bureau, and recent revisions to the Population Estimates for the New Orleans area, we recommend the following population projections scenarios: Bernard, and the State of Louisiana to account for a revision to the Population Estimates that occurred after the development of these projections see footnote.

State-level and parish-level population projections are provided below.Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, to July 1, Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division, Room , Washington, D.C.

New population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau underscore the extent to which the explosive growth of the state's suburban areas relies on attracting residents from other areas of the state a.

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The State Demographer is Michigan’s representative to the Federal-State Cooperative for Population Estimates (FSCPE) which is the main program at the U.S. Census bureau through which Michigan has input into the estimates for total population and population by . Population totals are available for the following geographies: United States & States; State and Sub-State Regions; Counties; Municipalities.

Note: The State Demography Office has produced an update to its population estimates and forecasts to incorporate the recently released Census count population totals.

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The files are available with the Census data. Source: Florida Demographic Estimating Conference, February and the University of Florida, Bureau of Economic and Business Research, Florida Population Studies, Bulletin , April Projections of Florida Population by County, , with Estimates for The Maryland State Data Center (SDC) is an official partner with the U.S.

Us census population projections

Census Bureau. The Maryland Department of Planning coordinates the SDC program in Maryland. The SDC monitors development trends, analyzes social, economic and other characteristics and prepares population, housing, employment, labor force, and income projections, which.

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