Section e marking scheme

See the software for automated testing of spoken English produced by Versant. Reading At a basic level it is simple to assess reading comprehension in much the same way as it is possible to assess listening comprehension, e. If well designed, this form of assessment works effectively and instant feedback can be offered to the student, which has a beneficial effect on learning.

Section e marking scheme

Germany[ edit ] A register of tractive units has been introduced by the Federal Railway Office Eisenbahnbundesamt, EBAwhich also issues vehicle numbers. Digits 5—8 are a four-digit class number, 9—11 the three-digit serial number of the vehicle within its class.

For class numbers for vehicles in the existing Deutsche Bahn fleet, DB selected digits 5—8 so that the previous number could continue to be used without affecting the check digit: For new DB vehicles, such as the Alstom Class introduced inthis is not valid.

Although they are internally counted as Classthey have been given a number corresponding to the class used by the manufacturer.

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As a result of the requirement to be entered into the register, vehicles and classes were included that had never been part of the DB.

This has caused misunderstandings, because the classes are now generally made up of four-digit numbers digits 5—8 that no longer indicate the type of vehicle, now shown by the type code digits 1—2. From the last three digits, class "" could appear to be an electric locomotive.

However the full number includes the type code "98", so it is a diesel shunter. The three-digit numbers "3xy" or "2xy" previously used by DB are not part of the new numbers. They are obsolete, found only in the numbers of former state railway vehicles. Vehicles that are used both by DB and private railways are allocated to the same class — the difference is recognisable from the owner's abbreviation.

One advantage of the system is its simplicity, because when vehicles change ownership they retain the same number: For a major rebuild the number can be changed to that of an appropriate class.

See also List of classes in the German Railway Vehicle Register The method of applying and spacing the digits differs between operators. For example a British Rail Class 66 loco registered in Britain has been seen to carry the number: GB 9 2 70 0with the existing national number "" underlined, and lacking the operator identifying code.

Check digit[ edit ] The check digit is calculated from digits 1—11 using the Luhn algorithm. It is derived from the sum of the numbers that arise when the digits are alternately multiplied by 2 and 1; the difference of this sum from the next multiple of ten produces the check digit [7] for examples of this see wagon numbers.

Reporting mark For every railway that enters its tractive units into the register, a clear European-wide code is needed, separate from the number. The keeper will be different to the owner of a vehicle where a leasing agreement is in force.Marking Scheme Mathematics Class X () Section A Answer Marks 1.

Non terminating repeating decimal expansion. [1] 2. k = ±4 [1]. Use of English Section C with Marking Scheme. Uploaded by Kenny Lau. Rating and Stats. (0) Document Actions. 'II The main weakness of the scheme is the rigid time frame for paying back the loans: a maximum of three years.

Use of English Section C Marking Scheme. Listening.

Section e marking scheme

At a basic level it is simple to assess listening comprehension in much the same way as it is possible to assess reading comprehension, e.g. with multiple . F Mark Scheme January 3 Question Answer Marks Guidance Throughout Q1 IGNORE variations in caps and small letters 1 (a) (i) Fe 1 ALLOW name: iron DO NOT ALLOW ions, e.g.

Fe2+ 1 (a) (ii) Ti Ni 2 ALLOW names: titanium and nickel DO NOT ALLOW ions 1 (a) (iii)Co 1 ALLOW name: cobalt ALLOW Co2+ 1 (a) (iv)Mn 1 ALLOW name: manganese.

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There is no negative marking in the Section B & C but negative marking will be done for Section A.

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