Literature review on leadership effectiveness management essay

This literature review will be the basis of your RA 2 due in Module 7. Choose at least seven articles that discuss some aspects of professional leadership development i. The selected articles should reflect a blend of research that has contributed to the generation of applicable theories, as well as a critique and affirmation of the specific theories.

Literature review on leadership effectiveness management essay

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Mon, 5 Dec This review of research examines the process of leadership, Types of Leadership, Functions of leadership, Conflict models, Leadership performance, effectiveness of leader, Leadership outcomes, Self-management in Virtual teams, working skills, Building trust and cooperation through technology adoptions in Virtual teams.

Based on the review of the literature and research many hypotheses were proposed regarding the functions of leaders in virtual teams to manage, reduce the conflict and to motivate team members for sustained outcome. Introduction In the discussion of large companies and organizations out sourcing and branching out their teams typical to reach the goals, productivity and consumer satisfaction.

To manage organizations turn over throughout all the braches is impossible which have different people working on same task from different places with different timelines and schedules. So, leading these teams need special requirements and skills apart from general organizational behavior.

These virtual teams were dispersed geographically and culturally in order help the organization with round the clock work and to allow efficient employees from all over the world. Since the virtual teams have great diversity than collocated teams these virtual teams tend to have more conflict within the team.

This literature review will briefly describes the challenges faced by virtual teams, types of conflicts involved in the teams, The types of leadership procedures followed by the team leaders in order to reduce team conflict and gain trust, confidence and manage motivation in the team members.

This review also deals with effects and causes of the performance and outcomes of the leadership practices. Literature General Idea and Surface Findings The idea of Virtual team Leadership centers it attention over managing the teams, Reducing conflicts, Building trust, cooperation with in the team so that it can perform better and achieve more outcome.


In acquired literature researchers concluded to different types of hypotheses which yields the required outcome from the team. The teams mutual awareness can be disrupted by removing the common factors like locationculture between the team members Cramton, The studies found many type of leadership skills and approach towards team conflict to increase the trust and motivation between team members.

Virtual projects often include collaboration of multiple organizations or employee-client relations through which leaders lost ability to influence the workers and hence use of information and communication tools to regain their lost influence for achieving better performance from the team.

In some situations for virtual teams will see emergent leadership skill where the active team members will lead the teams according to the situation of the project or proposed work. There is different leadership behaviors proposed by various studies the main leadership skills exhibited by these team leaders will be transformational, transactional and participative behaviors.

The challenges of the virtual team settings can be overcome enhancing the leader ability which can be achieved by the change in management principles Levasseur, R. Leadership in Virtual Teams Virtual team is a group of individuals who are geographically dispersed, cross functional and they work on highly interdependent and collaborative tasks.

For me leading virtual teams requires all the leadership and project management skills.

Literature review on leadership effectiveness management essay

Challenges faced by Virtual Teams The virtual teams have different and greater challenges than the traditional workplace environment, The working lines will cross over geographic locations, boundries, cultures, networks and alliances.

Since the virtual teams are very diverse, they have very unique set of problem rather than collocated teams. Virtual team has to overcome the following external and internal challenges. External factors are outside the control of a virtual team and the team has to find a way to manage them for example, like distance, time and technology.

The Leadership is the key for any virtual organization setting, the right competencies, attributes, trust and rapport, and management of virtual workers and teams.

Elective leadership is the key factor that influences success in a virtual organization. Leadership skills are necessary for virtual work. There is some factors influence the teams effectiveness they are team trust, propensity, leadership effectiveness.

The researchers also found that the trust mediates the relationship between both leader and team effectiveness. Synchronous ICT Information and Communication Technology tools can be different in terms of social presence and information richness and text, audio- and video-conferencing systems are classified under these tools.

From e-mails, discussion forms, and bulletin boards, to workflow, scheduling and other project management applications the ICT tools vary in wide ranges.

The success of the virtual teams is clear purpose, goals always should be measurable, appropriate number of individual in the team, establishment of guidelines, communication, decision making and processes.

The roles of leadership are categorized in to three types they are, interpersonal contact, information processing and decision making. The type of challenges that such as ICT-enabled communications, cross-cultural communications, global logistical design, technological complexity are more prevalent in the virtual teams.

Building Trust and Cooperation Project managers are the key people for making their teams successful. When the group was set virtually they go to face to face meeting using communication technology, but these meeting will affect both cost and time for travel during the project PMI The researchers had a doubt in mind that weather effective management of information and communication technology offer VT leaders to regain the lost control over influence and performance over their virtual or not.

Here the researchers proposed research model to find out how technology adaption will relate to the building trust and cooperation in virtual teams. They get to know the each and every team member and learn how to motivate them and communication preferences.Advances In Management Vol. 7(2) February () 57 Review Paper: Review of Literature Leadership Styles: Barchiesi et al1 measured the leadership effectiveness and leadership role and its influence on performance, leadership behaviors, attitudes.

They found that high leadership. Leadership and Management in Small Businesses Research Paper Literature review. way through which this will be enhanced is through incorporation of leadership and management theories analyzed in this essay. These leadership and management hence need to be employee motivation towards adaptation of organizational vision and mission.

Leadership and performance Literature review. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: has provided a recent treatise on the importance of leadership by arguing that the effectiveness of a leader is a major determinant of the success or failure of a group, organization or even an entire country. situation of management and leadership in the.

Literature Review In the previous chapter it was discussed the purpose and reason for this investigative study on leadership effectiveness and. Leadership skills and the role of adaptability and creativity in effective leadership: A literature review geared toward an integrative model as a mediator of traits and effective leadership.

This literature review analyzes the relatively affect effective leadership in a management context.

Literature review on leadership effectiveness management essay

Among the. A review of the literature on effective leadership behaviours for safety empirical support suggesting that they can be appropriate for the effective management of safety.

Other leadership theories, such as authentic leadership, whilst holding great promise • Carry out a review of key leadership literature in the appropriate business.

Leadership: Literature Review Outline