Joint forest management a review

Solution Louis Berger was selected to serve as project management consultant for a project funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA to help manage biodiversity conservation and forest management in Sikkim.

Joint forest management a review

Joint Forest Management-a Review - Sample Essays

Present Implementation Mechanism and its impact 3. Initial financial support through entry point activities has almost become a pre requisite for starting the IFM programme as it is supposed to generate goodwill amongst the people for Forest Department A detailed micro plan on the basis of PRA Participative Rural Appraisal exercise is prepared which contains both forestry and non-forestry developmental activities.

Detailed action plan is prepared on annual basis for intervention by Forest Department and other agencies. This micro plan also envisages usufruct-sharing mechanism, which varies from State to State as per the policies of the respective State Governments.

The essence of the programme is the empowerment at the grass root level However, necessary decentralization has not been attempted in the Forest Department. Nor, any change has been noticed in the hierarchical structure. Further delegation of power and decentralization of authority are yet to take place at various levels.

Entry point activities have not been able to stimulate the local villagers to participate fully in the developmental activities. In many areas, people have been found to demonstrate withdrawal system once entry point activities have been completed and the periodic input intervention by the Department is either withdrawn or made irregular.

India : Unlocking Opportunities for Forest-Dependent People in India, Volume 1, Main Report

Examples of Arabari in West Bengal, Harda in Madhya Pradesh and so many other places point out this fact that villagers are not prepared to participate voluntarily in the overall developmental activities without regular intervention from the different agencies.

They need to be given input at regular interval in the form of some employment generation schemes, plans etc. Absence of clear-cut relationship between JFM committee and the existing village Panchayat has made the smooth progress of entire JFM process quite difficult in many places.

Because of absence of productive functional relationship between the JFM bodies and Panchayats in the wake of increased decentralisation of power to the Panchayat Raj institutions through the 73 Constitutional amendment, lot of problems are coming to the fore.

Poor marketing linkage of Forest Protection Committee FPC has adversely affected the sustainability of the entire programme. Concept of voluntary labour shramdan in found to be missing in many villages.

Monitoring and evaluation mechanism has not been developed properly to get regular feedback so as to ensure remedial measures in between.

Joint forest management a review

Experience in FDCM 4. Such dichotomy in approach did get manifested in overall protection status of FDCM areas. Subsequently, efforts are taken to match those identified villages with different activities of FDCM ltd.

During this exercise, local leadership is identified and encouraged to play more active role in the overall development process. JFM committees are set up in all these villages and their registrations are done so as to introduce some sort of accountability and transparency into the entire working of these committees.

Special efforts are made to generate JFM funds quite regularly. During all these exercises, endeavour in also made to link the development, activities of the villages to the different schemes of other departments like Agriculture Department, Horticulture Department, Tribal Welfare Department etc.

These aspects are taken care of at the time of preparation of micro-plan, which is essentially done by the local villagers through PEA exercise with the assistance of local forest personnels.

Suggested Implementation Model 5. This should be continuing activity at least during the initial phase. Villagers sans any expectation can only be expected to contribute towards sustainability of any programme.

No entry-point activity needs to be taken in any such village contrary to the system being adopted presently. Instead, a system of reward!International Forestry Review, 9, Impact of joint forest management on Handeni Hill Forest Reserve and adjacent communities (Master’s thesis).

Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania. Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 34, – SCS Global Services Report FOREST MANAGEMENT AND STUMP-TO-FOREST GATE CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY CERTIFICATION EVALUATION REPORT Commonwealth of .

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Study on Joint Forest Management conducted by TERI for Ministry of Environment and Forests Joint Forest Management (JFM) is a concept of developing partnerships between fringe Tata Energy Research Institute, New Delhi.

The objective of the study was to review the. A Forest Management Plan (FMP) is a site specific plan developed for a client, which addresses one or more resource concerns on land where forestry-related . Integrated Care Certification Review Process Guide for Organizations The Integrated Care Certification Review Process Guide describes each activity of the Joint Commission onsite certification review.

Organizations should read each of the following activity Forest, WA Primary review site Dr. P. Jones Mr. V. Roberts.

Joint forest management a review

The FRC reviews technical forest-related matters of concern to Humboldt County and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission.

Staff Contact For more information about the FRC or to join the meeting notification email list, contact the Current Planning Division at

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