Ikiwiki plugins write a letter

History of wikis The first generally recognized "wiki" application, WikiWikiWebwas created by American computer programmer Ward Cunningham in and launched on c2. Wiki software originated from older version control systems used for documentation and software in the s. By the mids these generally had web browser interfaces. However, they lacked the ability to easily create links between internal pages without writing HTML code.

Ikiwiki plugins write a letter

To ease parsing, each separate XML RPC request or response must start at the beginning of a line, and end with a newline. Failure to do so will result in deadlock! An external plugin should operate in a loop.

After reading a command, and before returning the result, the plugin can output XML RPC requests of its own, calling functions in ikiwiki.

Ikiwiki Plugins

An external plugin can use XML RPC to call any of the exported functions documented in the plugin interface documentation. It can also actually call any non-exported IkiWiki function, but doing so is a good way to break your plugin when ikiwiki changes.

ikiwiki plugins write a letter

There is currently no versioned interface like there is for perl plugins, but external plugins were first supported in ikiwiki version 2. External plugins can use the getvar and setvar RPCs to access any such global hash.

To get the "url" configuration value, call getvar "config", "url". To set it, call setvar "config", "url", "http: To access it, external plugins can use the getstate and setstate RPCs.

To access stored state, call getstate "page", "id", "key"and to store state, call setstate "page", "id", "key", "value".

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To change its ARGV, call setargv array. Notes on function parameters The plugin interface documentation talks about functions that take "named parameters". If not, it might be a good idea to convert these named parameters into something more natural for the language as part of their XML RPC interface.

There is an extension to the protocol that supports this, but it is not yet available in all versions of the XML:: RPC library used by ikiwiki.

Until the extension is available, ikiwiki allows undef to be communicated over XML RPC by passing a sentinal value, a hash with a single key "null" with a value of an empty string. External plugins that need to communicate null values to or from ikiwiki will have to translate between undef and the sentinal.

Function injection Some parts of ikiwiki are extensible by adding or overriding functions. To make your external plugin override the IkiWiki:: Pass it named parameters "name" and "call", where "name" is the name of the function to inject into perl here "Ikiwiki:: If the RPC call is memoizable, you can also pass a "memoize" parameter, set to 1.

Performance issues Since each external plugin is a separate process, when ikiwiki is configured to use lots of external plugins, it will start up slower, and use more resources. One or two should not be a problem though.

Most plugins should find it to be pretty minimal though. Using external plugins for hooks such as sanitize and format, which pass around entire pages, and are run for each page rendered, will cause more XML RPC overhead than usual, due to the larger number of calls, and the large quantity of data conversion going on.

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Below are a few Ikiwiki plugins I’ve written. Many are still experimental–use them at your own risk. Read the perldoc documentation for more details. Patches and . How to write a professional letter with enclosures; Business plan community cafe dallas; Operation despatch and transport; Whats art essay; A description of the many things that change throughout the story of macbeth; Analysis ratio in roe; How to write a real . This is a place for questions and discussions that don't have a Discussion page fitting enough. Users of ikiwiki can ask questions here. Note that for more formal bug reports or todo items, you can also edit the bugs and todo pages. Current topics.

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If you are a web designer or developer you probably know Git and r-bridal.com is a version control management system for developers. Git is essential for any developers; it allows you to keep track of the changes in your code as you progress developing.

Wiki software (also known as a wiki engine or wiki application) is a collaborative software that runs a wiki, which allows users to create and collaboratively edit "pages" or entries via a web browser. The name of the plugin is typically in lowercase, such as IkiWiki::Plugin::inline.

Ikiwiki includes a IkiWiki::Plugin::skeleton that can be fleshed out to make a useful plugin. IkiWiki::Plugin::pagecount is another simple example. All perl plugins should use IkiWiki to import the ikiwiki plugin interface. It's a good idea to include the version number of the .

ikiwiki plugins write a letter

organising sysadmin documentation Jon Dowland Information Systems and Services Newcastle University. Overview • mediawiki offers some tiered write-access control • everyone has full read control. Types of contributor $ ikiwiki-makerepo then setup r-bridal.com file accordingly.

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