Gem of the ocean essay

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Gem of the ocean essay

Sources at OCC Library A General Note on Sources It's best to have an idea of a particular fact, statistic, or example instead of just trawling for essays on your topic.

For example, in an essay on the dangers of the internet and children, one fact readers would want to know is how many households in America? Then, to give that number some meaning, you'd have to find out what percentage is that of all children in America. Another way to look at this is to focus your search on the reasons or arguments that prove your thesis rather than the thesis itself.

For an essay arguing that a liberal government is best for America, a search under welfare and entitlement programs would help you more than a general search on liberalism. Remember that your economics, psychology, sociology, history textbook is a fine source, as are the variety of specialized encyclopedias Psychology Encyclopedia, etc.

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And remember to use the best reference: A student told me a story of spending four hours in the library in a fruitless search for information on the latest unemployment rate. The next day, he asked the reference librarian his question: A weekly magazine that takes an in-depth look at a particular issue in the news.


Its balanced coverage, quotes from authoritative sources, and annotated bibliography which tells you about related articles make it an excellent first place to search. Available in the Reference area of OCC library and online.

Gem of the ocean essay

Use the blue index to see if your topic is included. Books many of these are on reserve in our library Opposing Viewpoints: Conduct a keyword search using "opposing viewpoints" on OCCAT the college's online book catalog to find specific titles.

Access online through your campus portal account. Similar to Opposing Viewpoints, this series offers pro and con essays showing two sides of a controversial issue.

Often more detailed and scholarly essays than Opposing Viewpoints. A series of volumes on specific topics ex. To find if your topic is covered and keep in mind that Youth in America covers everything from numbers of high school dropouts to spending of teensconduct a keyword search using "information plus" on OCCAT the college's online book catalog and scroll list to find matches for your subject.

Many of these are located in the Reference section of the library. The reason is simple: A site that looks very professional and authoritative could be written by a high school student — or a deranged mental patient bent on overthrowing the world by disseminating false information about fluoride in the tap water and aliens in your Cheerios.

Okay, that's a bit of an overstatement, but it is quite easy to find heavily biased and simply incorrect information on the web.

Gem of the ocean essay

In college-level writing, you are expected to use sources that have undergone a fact-checking process to ensure the validity of the information.

Additionally, scholarly articles usually are "peer-reviewed" — read before publication by a few experts in that field of study — and thus present the more authoritative view of specialists who actively research and write about the topic.

Do not waste your time doing a general search of the web — concentrate on print or on online databases such as SIRS or EBSCOhost see below if you want to use the internet.

The best thing about online information is the sea of texts available in these databases: In other words, bring your snorkel and diving gear — or better yet, use Subject search or guided searches to shorten your time under water.

Full texts articles of newspapers from around the nation and articles from general and specialized journals as well. Lost amid the welter of other sources is this gem. Divided into several sections from the sciences to history and literature, this should be your first source for a general overview on a particular topic.

Interested in Ethiopian politics? The progressive movement in America? This is the place to start. A mixture of full-text and bibliographical sources. Access through your campus portal account. Though a bit complex to use, it is an incredibly rich source. Each volume of this series covers a specific topic, such as gun control, and offers two opposing essays on different aspects of the issue.

A fine source for historical information.

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Particularly good on American history."Concerning the Jews" is a short essay by Mark Twain. Twain had lived in Austria during , and opined that the Habsburg empire used scapegoats to maintain unity in their immensely diverse empire, namely Jews..

In he published the article "Stirring times in Austria". We took thousands and thousands of photos during our 15 days in Iceland–photography is one of our favorite hobbies (and our job!) so we love to shoot as much as possible.

symbolism in the work of August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean. This dissertation is an in-depth analysis of a particular work or works of literature, which makes use of secondary sources. Creationism and evolutionism essay alabiev dessay gem of the ocean august wilson analysis essay odyssey research paper datenbank dissertationen lmud harvard referencing throughout essay writer effects of mass media essay working with groups essay hartley foundations of eu law essays.

In fact, the center of “Gem of the Ocean” is a seance of sorts, conducted by the ageless Aunt Esther, that involves the Middle Passage and the slave ships ferrying Africans to the Americas. Briefly summarized, the play is set in Pittsburgh in The soothing effects of the ocean are being researched and even proved in many experiments and have been a topic for many an ocean essay.

From a holistic perspective, the ocean essay should be visualized to draw the mind to peace and calmness.

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