Debate against cce pattern in cbse schools essays and term papers

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Debate against cce pattern in cbse schools essays and term papers

CCE system has been made mandatory for the students of 6th to 10th as well as 12th. Another important aspect of the CCE system is active learning of the students throughout the year.

Also, another imperative point to note here is the cutting down of huge CBSE syllabus.

CCE System: CCE: Good or Bad

Under the CCE method, a student need not study the huge CBSE syllabus because what is covered in the first term will not be repeated during the second or final term, whatsoever. So, in a way this is a way of reducing excessive pressure, but a lot of students and teachers believe that it is adding more stress.

Debate against cce pattern in cbse schools essays and term papers

Whether CCE pattern of study is a boon or a bane, let us find out here. Let us have a look at these points: However, everything comes with its own bane and so does the CCE pattern of evaluation. Here is the flip side of the CCE pattern: There is no segregation Grouping together of a large number of students is another disadvantage A lot of people argue that CCE makes the students take their boards lightly Students are forced to study all round the year, which in a way, is like giving no rest to them.

However, a lot of schools do not have the infrastructure and facility for the same Even though CCE is a radical concept in the reformation of education system in India, but the disadvantages need to be addressed in a right manner so as to bring about a real, genuine and positive transformation to the education patterns with reduced stress over students.

Conclusion The students have to be treated like children and it is very important to understand that every child has its own capacity and capability.DISADVANTAGES OF CCE SYSTEM The biggest disadvantage of cce is the grading system.

The student scoring 90 marks and 99 marks will both score A*.So it'll be really unfair with the student scoring 99 marks The grading system may actually lead to more stress and disincentive to performance.

Cbse exam | CCE Pattern

The flip side of CCE Pattern. A lot of people, including the students and teachers believe that the CCE pattern introduced by CBSE has a lot of disadvantages instead of the positive points.

Sep 01,  · CCE means 'Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation' which is a process of assessment as mandated by the Right to Education Act. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) follows this pattern for students of sixth to tenth grades and twelfth in some schools.

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"Debate Against Cce Pattern In Cbse Schools" Essays and Research Papers Debate Against Cce Pattern In Cbse Schools Secondary Education in India, for students of sixth to tenth grades.

Moreover, class 10 board exams help students gear up for the class 12 board exams. With mandatory board exams, students will take their studies more seriously with better learning outcomes.

Along with CCE pattern, students will be evaluated through projects, assignments, tests and a .

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