Creating a high performance values aligned culture

The entire context you operate in greatly impacts your results. This context includes the culture of the company — how things get done, how decisions get made, what works and does not work as far as behaviors and what gets rewarded and how. The specifics of a high performance culture are unique to your company because they are based on what will work best for you to get you to where you want to go within the parameters you have defined. Creating a high performance culture However, here are 10 key elements in creating a high performance culture that probably will fit most organizations:

Creating a high performance values aligned culture

Our Culture Our culture is built on values. At Blue Cross, our ultimate goal is to make high quality healthcare more affordable and accessible for Rhode Islanders. We strive to achieve that goal by executing on our company's strategic priorities, embracing opportunities to innovate, and creating an exceptional experience for our customers and our members, who are at the heart of every job, every day.

Our employees will tell you: We live by our corporate values of collaboration, accountability, integrity, and respect. These values — and the behaviors that support them — are foundational to who we are and how we define ourselves as a company. They guide our actions and the way we work together, inspiring trust among our colleagues, customers, and community stakeholders.

They drive our high performance accountable culture. We set high expectations of ourselves, so that we can deliver on our promise of high quality, affordable healthcare for Rhode Islanders. Our culture is centered on caring. We will help you find your own path to success, giving you opportunities to gain new knowledge and experience.

Placing an emphasis on workplace relationships and communication. Inspiring you—and every employee—to be your best, do your best, and feel your best.

We do that by promoting: Why I love working at Blue Cross. In a highly competitive industry, it matters to me to work for a company that puts people first. From our annual company-wide day of service, Blue across Rhode Island, to our support of organizations that help improve the lives of children and families by ensuring they have access to nutritious foods and physical activity, our corporate mission is completely aligned with our commitment to Rhode Island.

Our culture supports learning and growth through formal and informal mentoring, targeted programming, and a huge array of classroom and online offerings.

We're encouraged to explore every aspect of the business so that we can contribute to the company's success.

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At Blue Cross, leaders believe good ideas can come from anyone, no matter what their position.Creating A High Performance Culture. Home > Team Training > Creating A High Performance High performance culture. Evaluating performance fairly.

Linking engagement to results. Motivation & engagement. The 6 levers of engagement. Internal communication. Values alignment.


Line of sight. Performance management. Personal development.

Creating a high performance values aligned culture

The. CREATING A HIGH PERFORMING, VALUES-ALIGNED CULTURE Why Culture? Define Align Refine CREATING A HIGH PERFORMING, VALUES-ALIGNED CULTURE The Performance-Values Matrix (High) (Low) (High) NCE High Performance and High Values Match Low Performance.

Two Blanchard colleagues, Garry Demarest and Bob Glaser, and I developed a proven culture change process to help senior leaders create a high performance, values-aligned culture.

Creating a high performance values aligned culture

Developing a high performance, values-aligned culture requires three integrated steps. They are: Defining the organization’s purpose and values, Defining performance expectations, and; Leveraging these declarations with .

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Creating a High Performance, Values-Aligned Culture - Purposeful Culture Group

G e t t i n g S t a r t e d The process of creating a high performance, values-aligned culture requires consistent attention by company leadership and day-to-day reinforcement by managers throughout the journey.

It can take months from the process kickoff to achieve the demonstrated values-aligned behaviors across the organization. 3 Steps to Building a High-Performance Culture. The next time you walk into that buzzing and energized environment you will see how creating aligned values can transform organization.

Creating a High Performance, Values-Aligned Culture - Purposeful Culture Group