Comm 210 midterm study guide

Organizational growth is characterized as a series of developmental phases. Management practises that work well in one phase bring on a crisis in the next.

Comm 210 midterm study guide

History[ edit ] The need for NextGen became apparent during the summer of when air travel was impeded by severe congestion and costly delays.

Comm 210 midterm study guide

Two years later, the Commission on the Future of the U. Aerospace Industry recommended that a multi-agency task force develop an integrated plan to transform the U.

The concept of operations provided the overview of NextGen goals for Growth of the NextGen concept was an evolutionary, step-by-step process, and the JPDO document continued to be updated through The same year, the FAA published the first version of its expanded Operational Evolution Partnership, [5] which outlined the agency's path to NextGen through The concept of operations was intended to drive cross-agency research to validate the concepts as well as eliminate ideas and alternatives that were not operationally feasible or beneficial.

The FAA concept of operations was consistent with the JPDO's broad set of objectives, including maintaining safety and security, increasing capacity and efficiency, ensuring access to airspace and airports, and mitigating environmental impacts. The report identified several key transformational concepts as necessary to achieve NextGen goals and objectives, such as precision navigation and network-enabled information access, and the FAA has made progress on them.

NextGen progress involved expanded research and development capability, participation by the aviation industry and international partners, and support by the White House and Congress, which are highlighted in this section.

The agency established a research and development facility, known as a testbed, at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona BeachFlorida, in The lab's capability grew in with a contract awarded to General Dynamics to provide engineering, software design and development, infrastructure, and administrative support.

The program was funded to equip 1, aircraft across the industry to ensure enough aircraft would participate in Data Comm.

The FAA seeks to ensure international air traffic management interoperability and system harmonization for improved safety and efficiency. The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of [15] included establishing deadlines for adopting existing NextGen navigation and surveillance technology, and mandated development of precision navigational procedures at the nation's 35 busiest airports by Inthe FAA's Aviation Safety organization released a work plan that identified how the safety staff would set NextGen standards and oversee safe implementation of new technologies, processes, and procedures.

The FAA also issued a final rule mandating NextGen performance requirements for aircraft surveillance equipment. It required aircraft operating in most controlled U. In addition, the report predicts the total number of people flying on U. If capacity is to keep pace with increased demand for services, changes are needed in the way services are provided.

Pilots have more aeronautical, traffic, and weather information inside the cockpit. Airlines fly shorter, more direct routes to get passengers to their destinations more quickly while burning less fuel and producing fewer emissions.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and COMM Midterm Study Guide What are the different levels of communication?

1. Intrapersonal communication 2. Interpersonal communication 3. Group communication 4. Public communication 5. Mass-media communication Explain the two models of communication.

Dance's Helical Model of Communication: bottom of helix is small, as helix moves up, it becomes larger. But movement up the . Comm. Spring Midterm Study Guide Chapters 1 through 7 and 11 (And all lecture/class content associated with it) 75 questions multiple choice You will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to take the exam Available 2/27 @ 2pm Closes 3/3 @ 5pm Chapter 1 What are the different levels of communication?

The Kweneng District Planning Study (Swedeplan, March ) gives an inexhaustive list of these sites with details of each site. According to the study, there could be two archaeological sites per square kilometre in the southeastern regions of Kweneng District.

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COMM Midterm Study Guide Claims. A claim is the major conclusion of a piece of writing that the author is trying to persuade you to accept Explicitly or implicitly stated Likely locations Cue words.

therefore, thus, in summary, I believe that, clearly, in short () Unproblematic claims. View Test Prep - COMM Midterm Exam Review from COMM at Ball State University. Comm. Fall Midterm Study Guide Chapters 1 through 7 %(1).

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