An overview of the topic of the anger

Concepts, Cognition, Emotion, and BehaviorAnger Physiology A defining condition of anger is physiological arousal, the activation of which has evolutionary roots, as anger serves to mobilize us to response energetically and to sustain effort. Anger is the emotional complement of the organismic preparation for attack, which also entails the orchestration of signals of attack readiness so as to ward off opponents or to coerce compliance.

An overview of the topic of the anger

Music is playing on the radio, and while Alison irons, Jimmy and Cliff read the newspapers. Cliff defends Alison, and she treats him with sisterly affection, pressing his trousers and giving him cigarettes, despite the fact that the doctor and Jimmy have forbidden him to smoke.

Furious because Cliff and Alison refuse to fight with him, Jimmy contrasts their lethargy with the energy of his former mistress, Madeline, and of Webster, a gay friend of Alison. Increasingly annoyed with both Alison and Cliff, Jimmy turns off the radio, contending that with Alison ironing and Cliff turning the pages of his newspaper, it is impossible to hear the music.

Cliff finally insists that Jimmy apologize to them both, and in the resulting scuffle, the ironing board is knocked down and Alison is burned. Angry at last, she tells Jimmy to leave.

He walks out of the room, and while Cliff is treating her injury, she confides in him. She is miserable, she says, and even though she is pregnant, she is seriously considering leaving Jimmy. Jimmy comes back into the room and apologizes to Alison, attempting to explain his behavior as a reaction against his feeling that he is trapped by his love for her; he also acknowledges an abiding anger because Alison has never experienced the pain that he has and cannot understand him.

Alison is then called to the telephone downstairs. She returns to report that she has invited an actor friend, Helena Charles, who has just come to town, to stay with them for a few days until she finds a place to live.

Two weeks later, Helena has established herself in the household, and, as Cliff commented, the tension has mounted.

It is true that by doing most of the cooking Helena is a great help to Alison; however, she makes no secret of her dislike for Jimmy.

She pressures Alison to take immediate action about her situation, either by telling Jimmy about her pregnancy and demanding that he become a responsible member of society or by leaving him and returning to her parents.

Jimmy makes no secret of his hatred for Helena, and after Alison announces that she is going to church with her friend, Jimmy draws the battle lines. Helena and he are fighting for Alison, he says, and he is determined to win. Somewhat uncertainly, Alison says that she will go home with her father.

When Colonel Redfern appears at the Porter apartment the next afternoon, Jimmy has not returned. In his conversation with Alison, her father shows considerable sympathy for Jimmy, even commenting that Alison seems to have learned a lot from him.

Alison has made her decision, however. Indicating that he does not like to see anyone suffer, Cliff goes out to get something to eat and, he says, probably to have a few drinks. The colonel had assumed that Helena would be leaving along with Alison, but, as Cliff has predicted, Helena makes excuses and remains.Topic Overview.

Use one of the following resources if you are or know of a parent or caregiver having trouble controlling angry feelings. Actions done in moments of anger can be harmful and abusive.

Uncontrolled anger can affect many aspects of your life, including your health and relationships. Learn more from WebMD about anger management. If Anger Helps You Feel in Control, No Wonder You Can't Control Your Anger! The heading above sums up my own professional experience working with this problematic emotion.

Overview of Anger Management Anger is a basic, human emotion that can serve an important survival function by alerting us to a situation we need to pay attention to.

How we express anger is . Purpose and Overview The purpose of the anger management group is to: Learn to manage anger; the leader will ask that member to take a timeout from the topic and the discussion. This means that the member, along with the rest of the members of the group, will immediately stop talking about the issue that is causing the member’s anger to.

Topic Overview.

An overview of the topic of the anger

Anger signals your body to prepare for a fight. This reaction is commonly classified as "fight or flight." When you get angry, adrenaline and other hormones are released into the bloodstream.

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