An analysis of the individuals right to refuse treatment

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An analysis of the individuals right to refuse treatment

At the same time, the ADA provides limited protection from discrimination for recovering drug abusers and for alcoholics. An employer may not discriminate against a person who has a history of drug addiction but who is not currently using drugs and who has been rehabilitated.

An employer may prohibit the illegal use of drugs and the use of alcohol at the workplace. It is not a violation of the ADA for an employer to give tests for the illegal use of drugs. An employer may discharge or deny employment to persons who currently engage in the illegal use of drugs.

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Employees who use drugs or alcohol may be required to meet the same standards of performance and conduct that are set for other employees. Employees may be required to follow the Drug-Free Workplace Act of and rules set by federal agencies pertaining to drug and alcohol use in the workplace.

The courts have been reluctant to set out specific time periods, and this is an area that has caused a great deal of concern. If an individual tests positive on a drug test, he or she will be considered a current drug user, so long as the test is accurate.

For example, in Zenor v. El Paso Healthcare Systems, Ltd. Circuit City Stores, Inc. Preston Memorial Hospital Corp. A question sometimes arises as to whether a drug addicted employee who breaks the company rules can, before being disciplined, enroll in a supervised drug rehabilitation program, and then claim ADA protection as a former drug addict who no longer illegally uses drugs.

In her testimony before the Commission, Nancy Delogu stated: It is causing great difficulty for employers to determine exactly when they may take discipline against an employee who may have had a disciplinary problem, tests positive or admits to a substance abuse problem, comes into rehabilitation for maybe 30 days.

A person who tests positive for illegal use of drugs is not entitled to the protection that may be available to former users who have been or are in rehabilitation. This would generally involve a modified work schedule so the employee could attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings or a leave of absence so the employee could seek treatment.

Individuals who abuse alcohol may be considered disabled under the ADA if the person is an alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic. For example, in Williams v. For example, in Burch v.

As the Court explained in Sutton: Second, because subsection A [of 42 U. The ADA provides that employers may: However, an employer may not discipline an alcoholic employee more severely than it does other employees for the same performance or conduct.Nov 12,  · The unique patients who refuse conventional treatment are at times self-directed, confident, and active, and have thought deeply about the meaning of life and cancer and about their cancer treatment options.

Although physicians understand that patients have the right to decide about their treatment and recognize the possibility. An Analysis of the Individual's Right to Refuse Treatment PAGES 2.

An analysis of the individuals right to refuse treatment

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